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Shenzhen Cubic Speed International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is an international freight forwarding company that specializes in international express delivery, international air export, ocean shipping and other services. The service scope of Cubic Speed includes: international express (including DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS, international special lines) international air import and export, sea freight FCL import and export, international logistics integrated services, etc. From packaging, loading and unloading, scheduled shipping schedules, agent booking, customs clearance, customs clearance, document processing, tax refund, and unpacking, diversion, door-to-door service at the port of destination of LCL, to import Customs clearance, delivery, warehousing, transit, distribution, door-to-door transportation, etc. Cubespeed International provides you with safe and comfortable services. Cubespeed is fully capable of designing and implementing personalized solutions according to the characteristics and requirements of customers goods. Every employee of the company will contact and serve customers with the most sincere attitude! Customer satisfaction is our goal, and professional, safe and fast  is our promise to every customer!

Shenzhen Cubic Speed International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in: international air transport, international express, international freight services, and several air and sea lines to most countries (including customs clearance and delivery). Our company relies on Hong Kong Airlines and Shenzhen Airport Airlines, and efficient port coordination capabilities and close cooperation with airlines are our biggest advantages.

At present, Hong Kong and Shenzhen International Airport have dense routes and convenient customs clearance. Our company has mature operations in international air transportation, including full-year space guarantee, charter flights, cargo assembly, point-to-point cargo safety management, and cargo tracking services. The company membership is formed by strategic alliances with major global airlines to provide customers with the most competitive.
Lifangspeed Logistics official website is online
Lifangspeed Logistics official website is online


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